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LED Light Therapy


This powerful Medical LED wavelengths helps:

- Improving acne

- Whitening skin

- Shrinking pores

- Promoting collagen growth

- Restoring skin elasticity

- Anti-ageing

- Skin tightening
- Improving dark circles
- Puffy eyes
- Accelerating skin healing

- Absorption of skin care products


Red LED has the deepest tissue penetration of the visible wavelengths and are therefore used to target dermal structures, such as adnexa and fibroblasts. Red LED has been studied for a wide variety of uses, including wound healing, photodamage, the treatment of NMSCs, precancers, warts, and the prevention of oral mucositis in cancer patients.


Ideal for an environmentally damaged skin as it stimulates nutrient uptake into the skin whilst assisting to brighten the skin through the inhibition of melanin production.


Blue LED is best suited for the treatment of more superficial conditions, such as AKs, or to target P. acnes in acne vulgaris.


Much of yellow LED application has been focused on photoaging and as an adjuvant therapy to laser treatment. Recently, it has also been shown to decrease the intensity and duration of erythema after fractional laser skin resurfacing. It is effective in skin conditions involving redness, swelling, and other effects related to pigmentation.


Offering dual benefits of both skin clearing (blue) and anti-ageing (red). Purple is also beneficial for cellular oxygenation and regeneration to promote enhanced skin fitness and vitality. It is also best used for cellular repair as it promotes a wound healing response in the skin.

It also alleviates inflammation and has a balancing and calming effect on skin.


Used to treat wounds, ulcers, recalcitrant lesions, cutaneous scleroderma, and has even been shown to treat cellulite.

Often used in combination with other light treatments, specifically RED LED.

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