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Combining Korean medical-grade skincare and a personalised treatment plan, transform your skins natural radiance and glow with us.

Natural Beauty

Itae Luxury Glass Skin Facial

Our Signature Korean Glass Skin Facial treatment is for those who want their skin to look its best from skin deep even without makeup. This pampering 2.5 hour treatment is a non-invasive and deeply penetrating skincare therapy system that results in a healthy, more hydrated and rejuvenated skin. Achieving that clear, luminous and almost translucent complexion.

Classic Customised Glow

An individualised designed facial treatment exclusively target everything your skin needs to rebalance and achieve a glowing version of yourself.

- Trouble Care/Acne

- Anti Ageing

- Brightening/Spot Care

Acne Extraction Facial

The appropriate treatments vary depending on the skin situation. The acne skin requires a consistent aesthetic treatments and to precisely remove pimples without causing a scarring and prevent further outbreaks.

Mini Glow Up

A perfect express treatment essentials who do not have time but need the Glow pick up.

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