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Brow Obsessed

Semi-permanent brow enhancement is great to address thin/patchy brows and non-symmetrical shape. Options include micro-blading, ombre, and hybrid brows.

Micro 3D Feathering

Eyebrow hair stroke semi-permanent pigment placed into the epidermis. This technique is also known as micro-blading. Results will give you natural volumised brows.

Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre tattooing is a semi-permanent pigment deposited into the epidermis that gives a softer powdery finish improving the appearance of your brows.

Hybrid Brows

Combining the feathering and ombre technique to create a more defined filled eyebrow. This technique is also known as embroidery eyebrows.​

eyeliner makeup

Mesmerizing Eyes

Eyeliner Tattoo is a great semi-permanent solution to accentuate and enhance your eyes' shape, colour and size.

Eyelash Enhancement

Create a fuller and subtle definition of the top eyelash line to open up the eyes.

Natural Eyeliner

A soft natural liner that will give your eyes more definition. Combining the lash enhancement and top wet line for even more of an eye-opening effect.

Permanent Lip Makeup

Luscious Lips

Semi-permanent makeup can change the size and shape of the lips by creating a fuller and sexier lip, as well as adding colour to correct dull uneven lip tones. This procedure helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin, as well as restoring the natural pigment.

Lip Blush

Enhancing the natural lip colour technique to improve definition to create fullness and freshness.

Full Lips

Blending the entire pigment into the full lip so there is no graduation of colour, creates the lipstick look.

Man Smiling

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Also an effective treatment for camouflaging scars and alopecia, A great alternative or solution to hair follicle replacement treatments where balding or thinning is occurring. hairline frames a face can make a big difference in your overall appearance

Baby Hairline Scalp Micro-blading

Natural pigmented hair strokes to ‘fill in’ those areas where your hair is noticeably thinning or where the hairline is receding to create the look of a fuller, thicker hairline.

** This treatment is for mild thinning of receding hairline only **

Scar Concealment

Scalp Micropigmentation To Cover Scarring where hair growth has ceased. Requires 3 sessions.

Male pattern baldness

Replication of the closely shaved hair. Different pigment shades are used with each subsequent session resulting most natural, realistic appearance of shaved hair. The whole process requires 3 sessions which usually last for around 3 hours. The 1st session is used to lay the foundation of replicated hair follicles. After the first session, you will notice an immediate difference. The following sessions are used to add additional layers of density to create the appearance of full, short hair.

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